Refilling Cartridges

Professional cartridge refilling.
No longer unnecessarily pay $ 30, $ 50, $ 75 and more for your ink cartridges!

Technika solutions and products save you money while achieving high quality print quality.

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In-store filling only

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N.B Handle your cartridges gently and you will have a better yield.

Whether for a compatible, new or recycled cartridge, or for refilling your cartridge, you will undoubtedly save money while contributing to local development and environmental protection! Cartridge filling involves a cartridge that you have used and that you take to one of our filling centers to have it filled. This way you save a lot of money. All our recycled cartridges are checked and go through a series of rigorous tests (see series of tests and photos) before being refilled mechanically.
N.B Handle your cartridges gently and you will get better performance.

1. As soon as you notice that the cartridge is empty, immediately bring it back for refilling to avoid drying out your cartridge and blocking it.
2. Do not put sticky paper on the print head.
If your cartridge has already been filled, keep your safety clip to replace it on your cartridge before returning it to us, this will protect the contacts.
4. When you place or remove your cartridge in your printer, do it gently to avoid damaging the contacts.
5. It would be best to run your printer at least once a week to prevent drying of your cartridges.