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Recycling of inkjet cartridges

A recycled cartridge is an original cartridge that comes from a consumer, a store or a recycler, which is cleaned, reconditioned and refilled with ink. All our recycled cartridges are checked, cleaned and undergo a rigorous control before being refilled mechanically according to our unique and scientific process.
Once your cartridge is full we perform a graphic print to ensure that your cartridge will provide optimal quality printing. You will find a copy of this graphic test in each box of recycled cartridges.
If a cartridge does not pass the tests mentioned above, it is automatically rejected and will be disposed of ecologically. You will also find on the check sheet when this cartridge was filled. Our goal is to give you a print quality, both in terms of writing and photography.

Series of measurements and tests:
- Verification of the electronic contacts of the cartridge.
- Complete purging and cleaning both inside and outside of the cartridge using unique techniques assisted by highly specialized machinery.
- Professional filling of the cartridge from specialized equipment.
- Graphic and textual printing of the cartridge.

More than 400,000 cartridges thrown each year in Quebec, think about it!
Rather than throwing away your empty cartridges take them to one of our branches.