Description of the icons used in the site

Original cartridge
The cartridge comes directly from the major printer manufacturers.
The warranty on this product is 3 months.

Technika PLUS cartridge
Increased printing capacity.
Some cartridges have a print capacity in terms of printed pages much higher: + 20%, + 50% up to + 200%!

Compatible cartridge
Replacement product, much cheaper than the original cartridge.
New product originally from Asia. Very economical product, 1 year warranty.

Recycled cartridge
High quality recycled cartridge. Warranty 3 years.
Made in Quebec, Canada.
A recycled cartridge is an original cartridge that comes from a consumer, a store or a recycler, which is cleaned, refilled and filled with ink again.
More than 400,000 cartridges thrown every year in Quebec, think about it! Rather than throwing your empty cartridges, take them to one of our branches.

Filling available
Professional Cartridge Filling
A cartridge that you used and that you bring back to one of our filling centers to have it filled. When filling all cartridges are checked and go through a series of rigorous tests before being filled again mechanically.